As a supplement to the mainstream SDG chase, we would like to introduce New Era World Model. Building on the experience of Millennium Development Goals’ failure and leaning more towards the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework, the proposed New Era World Model establishes a realistic and robust approach to ensuring human and ecological well being. This is a localized model focusing on one unit (community) at a time, leveraging local specificities of the place , people, culture and religion for the most efficient and sustainable outcomes in addressing the thematic concerns of the SDGs. N.E.W. Model aims to create communities that are economically empowered, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.  #readmore

has an approach
that looks out
from within


Our vision
is to create an efficient intervention approach that can transform communities into economically empowered, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable entities while maintaining the culture’s dignity.


The biological richness and geographical and cultural diversity of Nepal provides ample ground for building community models which demonstrate how human living standards can reach an entirely new level, whilst sustainable protection of the environment and social cohesion is ensured.          #readmore