We’ve come up with a new approach called the NEW Model. It’s our way of making things better for people and the environment. We learned from past efforts that didn’t work so well and now want to focus on smaller communities. This new plan uses what’s special about each place—its people, culture, and beliefs—to help reach our goals. Our goal with the NEW Model is to make communities stronger economically, more caring toward each other, and better for nature too.  #readmore
has an approach
that looks out
from within

Our vision
is to create an efficient intervention approach that can transform communities into economically empowered, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable entities while maintaining the culture’s dignity.


The biological richness and geographical and cultural diversity of Nepal provides ample ground for building community models which demonstrate how human living standards can reach an entirely new level, whilst sustainable protection of the environment and social cohesion is ensured.          #readmore